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With over 20 years of experience, Lee’s Marine Construction (LMC) is a full-service firm serving the Upper Chesapeake Bay from Annapolis to Chesapeake City. We offer complete marine project services from custom design and permitting all the way through to the final buildout. LMC specializes in the design and installation of piers, docks, pilings, boat lifts, shoreline establishment, restoration as well as living shorelines and breakwaters. LMC’s custom designs enhance your property and are always budget friendly. In addition to design / build services, LMC also offers dependable and quick annual service, repairs and maintenance. LMC designed and built piers and docks are a great way to enjoy your waterfront property.  We look forward to speaking to you about your project.

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What we Do

Design and Installation

LMC, in close consultation with you, will design your waterfront project that will meet your needs, as well as conform to the appropriate state and county regulations regarding property line setbacks.  Our custom design services work with your lifestyle, your lot, and your budget. At LMC, we are environmentally conscious and consistently meet or exceed all local and county code requirements.

Shoreline Installation & Restoration

LMC designs provide advanced erosion control that prevents loss of property and shoreline destruction.  LMC is keenly focused on installing or restoring a shoreline that results in an increase in your property value. We respect all aspects of the ecosystem affecting plants, flowers, vegetation, crops as well as the Chesapeake Bay’s prized fisheries.  

High quality erosion control and shoreline installation and restoration is our standard at LMC, so if you're looking to find the most ideal erosion control specialist in Maryland, allow us to offer you professional services at an affordable price.

Boat Lift Installation

LMC installs reliable, high quality boat lifts for boats large and small, as well as personal watercrafts. Choosing and installing a new boat or PWC lift is an important aspect of protecting the large investment you have made in your watercraft.  LMC works with industry leaders to provide top tier boat lifts that are the easiest and safest way to keep your boat out of the water and free of corrosion. Whether you need a new boat lift installed or your current lift replaced or serviced, LMC is the right partner for you.

Repair & Maintenance

Whether you have an existing boathouse, dock, pier, shoreline or boat lift, LMC has the expertise to service and repair your structure. LMC’s maintenance services are specific to your situation, property, and watercraft. Rest assured our professionals will provide service and maintenance that will quickly get you back to enjoying your property. LMC will provide  prompt and reliable service and maintenance whether we built or installed your dock, pier, shoreline, or boat lift.

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Actual Customer Quotes
I had the pleasure of using Lee's Marine Construction and working with Rich on my shoreline project at my new house! They did 100' of stone revetment work, installed a 160' foot pier, and 15k boat lift. Throughout the process Rich was very fast to answer his phone and also met with me in person several times to answer all of my questions (alot!). He is extremely knowledgeable about pretty much everything to do with shoreline construction and the permitting process. He even met with my electrician in person to give his insight on running the electric out to the pier, which I really appreciated.

His pricing was fair and up front, and never changed from start to finish, despite the volatility of lumber, etc. The only change was my own doing, in the middle of the project I decided to change the position of the lift and the "flag" at the end of the pier. Despite what I personally felt like was a large change, Rich didn't push back, he quickly made it happen and the up-charge for the extra work was small and also very fair.

I'm extremely happy with my final product and greatly recommend Rich and his team.
Matt B


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